We work hard to make our Price Chopper successful, but we are not always treated with the respect we deserve. We’re very concerned about our future. What plans does Sobeys have in store for us? When we raise our concerns, they are often swept under the rug and sometimes we even feel punished for standing up for our values. Scheduling is unpredictable and many employees do not get enough hours to make ends meet. Instead of recognizing our dedication and length of service, our hours are often cut and we’re still waiting for the pay increases we deserve.

We call on Price Chopper and Sobeys to treat us with the respect we deserve. Together, with Price Chopper employees across Ontario and Sobeys employees across the country, we can make our company better. We can ensure that we are treated with fairness and equality and we are paid good wages and benefits. We can make Price Chopper a more responsible and sustainable company for employees, customers and our communities.

This website is operated and maintained by UFCW Canada. This is not a Sobeys website, but may feature Sobeys workers, and workers from associated banners like FreshCo, Price Chopper, IGA, and Thrify Foods who have all volunteered to tell their stories and share their opinions.

UFCW Canada is a not-for-profit worker organization dedicated to social justice and creating better living standards for its membership and all working families.