Organization United for Respect Demands $14 Minimum Wage Now!

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, activists from the Organization United for Respect (OUR) joined community members, labour leaders, families and workers at Yonge & Dundas Square to participate in a rally calling for a higher minimum wage.


Walmart Responds to Workers’ Calls

At the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention, Walmart made a splash by announcing three new initiatives. While the company’s plans to hire veterans and ‘Buy American’ stole most of the headlines, its third announcement was a major victory for workers who have been coming together for change at Walmart for more than a year.


Ever had been mistreated at work? – Talk to the Wall!

Retail business is known to be a fast paced and stressful environment to work in. Many of us working in retail have experienced some sort of problems at work. And while these issues range anywhere from miscommunication to a conflict with a co-worker or our bosses, most of us want to deal with it in a fair way and continue with our work.


If you can cut my hours, can you cut my bills too?

It is not a secret that almost all workers in retail receive an hourly compensation. This is pretty straight forward - the more hours you work the bigger your paycheck is going to be. Some choose to work a lot of hours, some choose less, depending on one’s needs and circumstances.


Some Help Please!

Imagine you are standing behind the counter on a Friday night and seeing a lineup of customers that seems to be endless. The manager runs around the store dealing with customers and makes sure that each department does its best to serve busy customers. One of your co-workers called in sick, and again your department is short-staffed.


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