The OUR Declaration of Respect

We, the hourly employees of Sobeys and its affiliated companies, are the lifeblood of our stores. Our company is successful because of the values we embrace – a strong work ethic, compassion for one another, and honesty. But we are not treated with the respect that we deserve.

The fundamental desire to be shown respect is what led us to join OUR – a not-for-profit organization started by employees, for employees, and comprised of employees. We are one Organization United for Respect.
We call on Sobeys, FreshCo, Thrifty Foods, IGA, and Price Chopper to adopt the following solutions to the problems that we face on a daily basis:

  • Listen to us, the people who make our stores successful
  • Have respect for us and treat us fairly and equally
  • Recognize our experience and length of service
  • Ensure good health benefits for us and our families
  • Make full-time jobs available for employees who want them
  • Pay us a living wage – share your profits and treat us as partners
  • Create dependable, predictable work schedules

Adopting this Declaration will make our company better for employees, customers, and the communities we live in.

This website is operated and maintained by UFCW Canada. This is not a Sobeys website, but may feature Sobeys workers, and workers from associated banners like FreshCo, Price Chopper, IGA, and Thrify Foods who have all volunteered to tell their stories and share their opinions.

UFCW Canada is a not-for-profit worker organization dedicated to social justice and creating better living standards for its membership and all working families.